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Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – August 16, 2022

James J. Wuchner (deceased) to Molly L. Wuchner. Pt. SW SW s6, t2s, r4w, 1.6 acre.

Keith S. and Jo Ellen Obermeyer to Bryan D. Lukemeyer and Amber N. Tompkins. Lot 69 and S 1/2 Lot 70, Grassland Hills, Jasper.

Aaron Louis Miller to Aaron Louis and Amber L. Miller. Lot 9, Geier’s Sub.

Jeremy D. and Stephanie D. Breeden to Blake M. Knies. S 1/2 s30, t1n, r4w, 1.05 acre, Jasper.

Aaron M. Christiansen, by Meredith Christiansen (power of attorney), to Ted A. and Heidi E. Uphues. Lot 3, Emerald Estates, Jasper.

Richard W. Wigand to Snyder Rentals 1, LLC. Pt. Lot 17, Kundecks Second Add.

Jagoe Homes, Inc. to James Lee and Kathy Rose Sitzman. Lot 77, Hunters Crossing Section 3.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. to Vaughn and Felicia Buechler. Lot 23, Hidden Meadows, Ferdinand.

Paul G. and Paula J. Gogel to Joseph Michael and Megan R. Rumple. Lot 77, Ferdinand OT.

Anthany L. Laroche to Alicia Hernandez Diaz. E 1/2 NW s34, t2s, r5w, 0.30 acre, Huntingburg.

Timothy L. Radcliff, II to Kaytlyn D. Flores. Pt. SE NW s25, t2s, r3w, 0.49 acre, Birdseye (with part of a vacated street).

Elizabeth Hagen to DJS Properties, LLC. Pt. SW NE s12, t1s, r4w.

Brian E. Crane to Cole Steffan Stewart. Pt. Lots 23 and 24, Leona M. Alpers Add.

Stephanie Smith to Jay O. Cunningham. Lots 9 and 10, Partenheimer Place.

Heather L. Durcholz to Joan E. Sickbert. Pt. Lot 37, Henry Wagners Add., Ferdinand.

Ryan Schuetter to Danielle Buechlein and Angel Garcia. Pt. SE SE s22, t1s, r5w, one acre, Jasper.

Brian Schuetter to Ryan Schuetter. Lot 1, William M. Fritch’s Place, Jasper (replatted from Lots 1 to 11 in Wm. F. Beckman’s Additions), Jasper.

Angela L. Sparks to Tiffany Rae Lynn Fraley and Lucas Armstrong Herman. Lot 179, Badendorff IV, Jasper.

George R. and Constance L. Dilger to Dilger Family Acres, LLC. Pt. NE NW s34, t3s, r4w, five acres; E 1/2 of the E 1/2 SW s34, t3s, r4w; E 1/2 of the W 1/2 of the E 1/2 SW s34, t3s, r4w; N 1/2 NW SE s34, t3s, r4w, 20 acres; E 1/2 NW s34, t3s, r4w; E 1/2 SW s34, t3s, r4w, 0.59 acre.

I-64 Realty, LLC to Believe 2012, LLC. Pt. Lot 15, Hattie Boslers Add., Huntingburg.

Scott and Linda Waddle to Nathan and Kendra Welp. Pt. Lots 44 and 44, Borden’s Add.

M. Farrel and Judy Gosman to Ryan M. and Lynn W. Gosman. Pt. Lot, O Eckerles West Heights Fourth Add. and part of vacated Echo Drive.

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