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Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – March 30, 2021

Lloyd L. Graham (deceased), by Russell Graham and David Dodson (personal representatives), to Jan A. and Lea A. Olinger. Pt. Lots 16 and 17, Huntingburg.

Janessa K. Fischer to Henry and Annette Reed. Pt. NW NE s3, t3s, r5w, 0.30 acre; Pt. NW NE s3, t3s, r5w, 0.14 acre.

Austin Michael Hauser to Austin Michael Hauser. W 1/2 SE SE s20, t2s, r3w, 0.820 acre.

Mark E. Aldridge (deceased), Natalin R. Aldridge, Wess S. Lantaff and Nadine M. Lantaff to Donnie Gene Cato, Jr. Lot 98, Oak Forest Add.

Freedom Bank to Bernard E. Main. Lots 15 and 16, Lake Helmerich Sub.

Karl E. Ferree, Sr. (deceased) to Yvette Ferree, Julie Ferree, Emily Schotter, Andrew Ferree, April Smith, Adam Ferree and Karl Ferree, Jr. Survivorship affidavit. Lots 75 and 76, Oak Forest Add. to Lake Helmerich.

Terry A. and Sue A. Weyer to S. Badger III and Linda J. Faison. Lot 10, Otto Boeglin’s Sub.

O’Brien Enterprises, LLC to Lange’s Timber Land, LLC. NE NW s35, t2s, r5w, 40 acres; SE NW s35, t2s, r5w; Pt. NW NE s35, t2s, r5w, 34 acres.

Rebecca J. Reckelhoff to Chineca Brown. Pt. SW NW s33, t2s, r4w, one acre, Huntingburg.

Shelby M. Chandler to Collin M. Schue. Pt. Lots 36 and 37, Huntingburg.

Roger W. Quante (deceased) to Keith Alan Quante, Curtis Michael Quante and Dean William Quante. Survivorship affidavit. Lots 74 and 95, Ferdinand OT.

Timothy L .Erny to Timothy L. and Kimberly A. Erny. Lot 6, Meadowbrook, Jasper.

Robert P. and Judy A. McCarty to Coastline Properties, LLC. Lot 34, Northwood Park Add.

Jerome and Doris Kerstiens to the Jerome H. Kerstiens Trust Agreement and Jerome H. and Doris A. Kerstiens. Lot 32, Crooked Creek Knoll.

Patrick Fischer to Esther Fischer. Survivorship affidavit. W 1/2 Lots 19 and 20, Beckman’s Add.

David J. and Constance L. Spellmeyer to Josh and Danielle Moya. Lot 50, Northwood Park, Jasper.

Tyler S. and Tori D. Testerman to Tracy R. Haase. Lot 76, Wind Song Estates II.

James L. and Cheryl E. Anderson to Tully J. and Karen K. Sakel. Pt. SW SE s4, t3s, r5w, 6.00 acres.

Tully J. and Karen K. Sakel to Gary P. Metzger. Pt. SW SE s4, t3s, r5w, 6.00 acres.

Logan R. and Brian H. Borden to Logan R. Borden. Lot 99, Mill Creek Park II, Jasper.

Cooley Enterprises, Inc. to PJ Schwenk Properties, LLC. Lot 5, University East.

Stephen H. Lubbehusen to Stephen H. and Joyce A. Lubbehusen. Pt. Lot 13, Huntingburg.

Mary Jo Wirthwein to Chad Michael Wirthwein. S 1/2 of the W 1/2 SW s2, t3s, r5w, 2.96 acres.

Daniel R. Hollen and Kasey L. Miller to Kasey L. Miller. Lot 65, Summit Heights Add., Jasper.

Clarence F. and Verena H. Nordhoff to Adam J. and Kimberly A. Mitchell. S 1/2 SW SE s34, t1s, r3w, 20.634 acres, Celestine; N 1/2 NE s3, t2s, r3w, 49.679 acres.

Natalie J. Schwartz to Kaden Anthony Quinn. Lot 174, Mill Creek Park IV, Jasper.

Jimmie D. and Tamara G. Sorrells to Wesley J. and Shelby Christine Rust. Pt. Lot 4, Huntingburg.

Schmett Properties, LLC to Schmett Weatherford, LP. W 1/2 SW s9, t3s, r5w, 0.785 acre, Huntingburg.

Sharon Kamman and Herschel D. Kamman (deceased) to Delesa Farms, LLC. NW SE s3, t3s, r6w, 10 acres.

Carole E. Rohleder, Mary Lou Luebbhusen, Larry J. Meyer, James R. Meyer and Sherry A. Pfaff to Jacksons Hole, LLC. Pt. SE NE s31, t3s, r4w; Pt. NE SE s31, t3s, r4w; containing 26.98 acres.

Aaron K. Seitz to Joey L. and Sheila A. Asbell. Pt. SE s25, t1n, r5w, 0.67 acre.

Wade Austin Buechlein and Angela Kay Carter Buechlein to Wade Austin and Angela Kay Buechlein. Lot 27 and Pt. Lot 26, Corn’s Add.

Schmett Properties, LLC to MLDD, Inc. W 1/2 SW s9, t3s, r5w, 0.785 acre, Huntingburg.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. to Linda L. and Barbara J. Erny. Lot 23, Trinity Crossing.

Jill R. Weyer to Drew W. and Jill R. Weyer. Lot 77, Krampe’s Add., Ferdinand.

Zachary L. Bohnert to Levi B. Bohnert and Jasmine N. Bayer. Lot 27, Mill Creek Park.

Clinton R. Fant and Guang Xia Li Fant to OFS Brands Holdings, Inc. Lot 1, Farm Bureau Sub. 

Teresa Knies (deceased), by Joan Braunecker (executor), to Andrea L. and Dustin N. Ingle. S 1/2 NE s34, t1s, r5w.

Leonard and Anthony Krapf to Keenan C. and Kristen E. Prechtel. E 1/2 SW s35, t1s, r4w, 60 acres.

The Estate of Robert S. Tennant, by James S. Tennant (personal representative), to James S. and Donna L. Tennant. Lot 2, Gudorf’s Place, Jasper.

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