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Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – May 5, 2020

Kerstiens Development, Inc. to Kerstiens Home & Designs, Inc. Lots 1, 5 and 12, Country Ridge Estates.

Sara L. Harder to Jason A. and Sara L. Jochum. Lot 178, Golden Acres Estates IV.

Benjamin P. and Rachel R. Steckler to Gary and Nancy Salb. SW SW s23, t2s, r5w, 34 acres.

Daniel V. Gutgsell to Baudendistel Properties, LLC. E 1/2 SW s18, t2s, r4w, 47 acres.

Erin S. Kalb to Tak Kalb Grain Farm, LLC. Pt. SE s26, t1n, r4w, 117.98 acres; Pt. NE NE s35, t1n, r4w, 5.47 acres.

Erin S. Kalb to Tak Kalb Turkey Farm, LLC. S 1/2 SE s26, t1n, r4w, 3.55 acres.

The Jerger Family Revocable Trust, by Dale A. Knies (trustee), to Joseph A. and Mary Ann Jerger. Pt. NW NE s11, t1s, r5w, 1.82 acre.

Shirley M. Rodgers to SJ Rodgers, LLC. Pt. Lots 16 and 17, Huntingburg.

Francis C. Altmeyer to Jennifer E. Altmeyer. Pt. NW s34, t2s, r5w, 0.5 acre.

Frank E. Lindeman to Christian F., Casey J. and Cory R. Lindeman. Lot 1, Lehmkuhler First Add.

Frank E. Lindeman to Christian F., Casey J. and Cory R. Lindeman. Pt. NW SW s5, t3s, r5w, 21.74 acres.

Steven N. and Brenda G. Stoffel to Richard P. and Kathleen Jo Tretter. Pt. NW NW s7, t3s, r3w, 0.060 acre.

Linda J. Kemp to Casey R. Kemp. Pt. Lots 8, 9, 10 and 11, John R. Mitchells Add.

Midway Ventures, LLC to Tiffany E. Houchin. Pt. Lot 76, Huntingburg.

The Mildred F. Sharp Trust Agreement, by Mildred F. Sharp (trustee), to Jason E. and Martina R. Pfaff. Lot 27, Meridian Manor II.

The Estate of Dorothy M. Gehlhausen, by Gary L. Gehlhausen and Linda S. Verkamp (co-executors), to David R. and Phyllis A. Grimes. W 1/2 NW s19, t3s, r4w, 2.14 acres.

Betty and James S. Brannan, Jr. to Kade D. and Aubree Olinger. Pt. NE s34, t2s, r5w, 0.23 acre, Huntingburg.

The Amanta Williams Trust Agreement, by Amanta L. Williams (trustee), to April C. Blessinger. Lot 127, Golden Acres IV.

Bernon Investments, LLC to Voyager Investments, LLC. Lot 3, University East.

Mallory S. Terwiske (f/k/a Mallory S. Goepfrich) and Klayton R. Terwiske to Klayton R. and Mallory S. Terwiske. Pt. NE NW s22, t1s, r5w, 0.53 acre, Jasper; Pt. NE NW s22, t1s, r5w, 0.38 acre.

Christian and Emily Blome to Ian D. and Melissa A. Stamps. Lot 49, College View Estates.

David H. and Phyllis A. Vogler to Jeffrey A. Strother. Lot 4, R. J. Hochgesang’s Add., Jasper.

Joseph and Naomi Ruth Buechler to Alexander J. and Jordan E. Neukam. Pt. SE NW s36, t1s, r5w, 0.630 acre, a/k/a Lot 2, Stumble Hill.

Knebel Properties, LLC to Cody N. Ingersoll. Pt. Lots 8 and 9, Schumachers Sub., and Lots 12 and 13, Kundecks Second Add.

Mitchell R. Schwenk to Mitchell R. and Rachel A. Schwenk. Pt. SE NW s12, t2s, r6w, 6.99 acres.

Greg A. and Ashley C. Schneider to Benjamin C. Popp. Lot 43, Wind Song Estates.

Ernest and Elaine Brames to Jason M. Hopf. Pt. SW NE s20, t2s, r4w, 4.920 acres.

Kenneth R. and Jody L. Troutman to Reginald E. Hayes. Lot 14, Oak Ridge Estates I; Pt. SE SW s22, t1s, r5w, 3.072 acres; Pt. SE SW s22, t1s, r5w, 0.5 acre.

Evan J. and Tracey L. Michel to Robert and Carol Bruce. Pt. SE NE s9, t3s, r5w, 0.25 acre; Pt. SW NW s10, t3s, r5w, 0.41 acre; Pt. SE NE s9, t3s, r5w, 0.09 acre; Pt. SW NW s10, t3s, r5w, 0.45 acre.

The Carol Herbig Revocable Living Trust, by Timothy Herbig and Sherri Patton (co-trustees), to the Herbig Family Trust. Pt. SW SW s14, t1s, r6w, 0.75 acre; Pt. SW SW s14, t1s, r6w, 0.50 acre.

The Estate of Mary V. Steltenpohl, by Diane M. King and Glen A. Steltenpohl (co-executors), to Glen A. Steltenpohl. Pt. SE SW s20, t3s, r4w, 10.14 acres; Pt. NE NW s29, t3s, r4w, 22 acres.

Eric B. and Misty L. Smith to Timothy E. Mullins. Pt. NE SE s32, t1n, r4w, 4.41 acres.

Chad T. and Samuel R. Weisman and Phyllis Feldmeyer to Narciso Aldana. Pt. NE NW NW s3, t3s, r5w, 0.33 acre.

Thomas A. Nottingham to Christian J. and Emily J. Blome. Lot 2, Brookstone Estates.

Alex and Brittany L. Harmon to Thomas M. and Pamela A. Spencer. Pt. SE NW s25, t2s, r3w, 0.25 acre; Pt. SE NW s25, t2s, r3w, 0.24 acre.

Debra S. Enlow to Tyler Lashbrook. Pt. SE SE s33, t1s, r5w, 0.57 acre.

Philip C. Weisman to Barry J. and Chris M. Weisman. Pt. NE NW s7, t1s, r5w, 2.5 acres.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Avelino Regalado Padilla. Pt. NW SW s6, t2s, r4w, 0.46 acre, Jasper; Pt. NW SW s6, t2s, r4w, 0.46 acre.

The Blessinger Children’s Family Trust, by Hilary Blessinger (trustee), to Anita K. Lemond. Lot 14, Northwest Sub

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