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Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – September 21, 2021

Verkamp Park, Inc. to Kevin P. and Heather N. Verkamp. Pt. SW NW s18, t2s, r3w, 1.865 acre, St. Anthony.

Phyllis A. Michel, by Cheryl Sergesketter (guardian), to Michael and Cheryl Sergesketter. Pt. NW SE s23, t3s, r6w; Pt. SW SE s23, t3s, r6w, containing 37.183 acres.

Rita A. Gress (deceased), by Duane R. Gress and Margaret F. Buechler (co-executors), to Duane R. and Stanley J. Gress. W 1/2 SE s34, t1s, r6w, three acres.

PK Enterprises, LLC to MM Gasser Properties, LLC. Lots 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 and Pt. Lot 20, Blemkers First Add.

Christine M. Barnett a/k/a Christine M. Householder to Dianna C. and Baltazar Alexander Tobar. Pt. SW NW s24, t3s, r6w, 0.30 acre; Pt. SW NW s24, t3s, r6w, 0.118 acre.

231 Motorsports, LLC to Riverside Commons, LLC. Pt. SE SE s34, t1s, r5w, 0.86 acre.

Houston J. Ramsey to Larry Labhart. Lot 3, Orchard Ridge Add.

John P. and Karen L. Hoffman to Sarah L. Hoffman. Lot 1, Top of the Line.

Mallory Williams Zorn, Kirby Mae Webster, Damian Ross Williams, Amber Rae Schenk and Mark Ross Williams (power of attorney) to Jeremy L. Taylor. Pt. Lot 19, Leona M. Alpers Add., Huntingburg.

Tri-State Investment, LLC to FIP Master Funding I, LLC. Lot 4, Replat of Lot 1 of D. J. Realty Corp. 1st, Jasper.

Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District to Nicholas A. Schmitt. Lot 129, Woodland Hills Sub.

The Clement M. Lange, Jr. Revocable Trust, by Mary C. Lange (trustee), to the Mary C. Lange Revocable Trust. SE SE s17, t2s, r5w, 40 acres.

The Clement M. Lange, Jr. Revocable Trust, by Mary C. Lange (trustee), to the Mary C. Lange Revocable Trust. SE SW s20, t3s, r5w.

Christopher A. Lassiter to Christopher A. and Mariko Lassiter. Lot 36, Theodore Reylings First Add.

Carolyn Dodson to Residential Design Services, LLC. Pt. Inlot 21, Huntingburg.

Joe B. and Rachel M. Mikesell to Julian Jack, Jr. and Judith Mehling Gates. Lots 3 and 4, Linus Eckerts First Add.

James J. and Mildred I. Meyer and the James J. and Mildred I. Meyer Family Trust, by Charmaine Ann Meyer McDowell and Richard J. Meyer (trustees), to Teresa and Jesus Ayala. Lot 19, Kerstiens Second Add.

Austin Berger to Nicholas J. Vibanco. Lot 16, Gutzweilers First Add., Jasper.

Bret D. Eckert to Larry N. Hall, Jr. Pt. NW NW s3, t3s, r5w, 0.25 acre, Huntingburg; Lots 3, 4 and 5, Lauderdale No. 1 Add.

Jared Z. and Carrie A. Stephens to Jared Z. and Carrie A. Stephens. N 1/2 S 1/2 Lot 41, Corn’s Add., Jasper.

Megan R. Rumple to Paul G. and Paula J. Gogel. Lot 77, Ferdinand OT.

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