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Dubois County Real Estate Transfers – September 22, 2020

Randall J. Beck to Randall J. and Linda S. Beck. Pt. SW SE s3, t2s, r5w, two acres; Pt. SW SE s3, t2s, r5w, one acre.

Kerstiens Development, Inc. to Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. Lot 16, Trinity Crossing.

Thomas and Ruth Flick to Ruth A. Flick. N 1/2 Lot 46, Maurice de St Palais Fourth Add.

The Estate of Luther Roy Mann, by Lou Ella Mann (executor), to Jeffery P. Mann. Pt. SW NE s1, t1s, r6w, 14.53 acres; SE NE s1, t1s, r6w, 37.63 acres; SW SE s36, t1n, r6w, 39.753 acres; Pt. NW NE s1, t1s, r6w, 5.103 acres.

Ronald Swan to the Ronald L. Swan Revocable Trust. Lot 29, Meridian Manor II.

Sylvia Recker to Robert J. Recker. Pt. NW NE s9, t2s, r4w, 15.4 acres.

The Linus E. Hassfurther Trust, by Darlene E. Hassfurther, Sheila Ann Fleck and Cynthia Lou Hassfurther (all trustees), to the Darlene E. Hassfurther Trust. E 1/2 SW s31, t3s, r4w, 63.5 acres; SE NW s33, t3s, r4w; SW NE s33, t3s, r4w, containing 79.69 acres.

SPM Development, Inc., d/b/a Reinbrecht Homes, to Jason G. and Taylor R. Brondos. Lot 2, Terry Hoffman’s First Add., Jasper.

The Estate of John E. Schitter, by Rosetta A. Schitter (personal representative), to Rosetta A. Schitter. Pt. NE SE s26, t1n, r5w, 8.8 acres; Pt. NE SE s26, t1n, r5w, 0.46 acre; Pt. NE SE s26, t1n, r5w, 0.14 acre.

Chad P. Schaefer to Jeremiah T. Mundy. Pt. NW NE s5, t3s, r4w, 0.67 acre; Pt. NE NE s5, t3s, r4w, 0.33 acre.

Jordan E. Stradtner to Benjamin Patrick Werne. Lot 2, Soligas Add.

Alice Sergesketter Kern to Randal Alan Sergesketter. Lot 77, Badendorff II, Jasper.

Brandon T. Tempel to Brandon T. and Allison M. Tempel. Pt. SE SE s6, t1s, r4w, 5.36 acres.

Jessica L. and Nathan E. Hitt to Jessica L. Hitt. Lot 20, Hunters Crossing Section 1.

Residential Design Services, LLC to Heath Robert McDowell. Pt. NW s34, t2s, r5w, Huntingburg.

Thad J. and Amy R. Leinenbach to Jane Ellen and Charles W. Neuman. Lot 5, Hillside Acres II.

Anthony D. Quinn to Anthony D. and Brandy L. Quinn. Lots 1 and 2, Rolling Plains Estates II; Pt. NE NE s16, t1s, r5w, 0.46 acre.

Debra Ann Schneider to Matthew Allan and Sarah Elizabeth Gayhart. Lot 45, College View Estates, Jasper.

Duane C. and Jane E. Flannagan to Jane Ellen and Charles W. Neuman. Lot 6, Hillside Acres II.

Hoosier Hills Credit Union to Cody Matthew and Cassandra Renee Foster. Lot 1, J And S Estates, Huntingburg.

Teresa Bowling and Andrew Jones to Bryan J. and Catherine M. Freeze. Lots 121 and 122, Skyline Sub., Jasper.

David D. and Sharon E. McPike and Julie A. Clark (power of attorney) to Chad L. Sullivan. Lot 4, Valley View Estates.

Greater Jasper Tenth Street School Building Corporation to Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools. Pt. SE SW s26, t1s, r5w, 1.705 acre.

Judith Ann Buse, by Jamey Todd Sibrel (power of attorney), to Mary E. Silvers. N 1/2 NW NE s23, t3s, r6w, 0.16 acre.

Richard E. and Linda Kerby to Jeffrey Scott and Julie Marie Kerby. N 1/2 NW s23, t1n, r3w, 3.16 acres.

APEX, LLC to Masen C. Cooper. Pt. Lot 4, J and L Blemker’s Add., Huntingburg.

Kerstiens Development, Inc. to Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. Lots 6, 7 and 8, Country Ridge Estates.

Hoosier Hills Credit Union to Kody Lee and Melody Christine Schurz. Pt. SE NE s3, t3s, r6w, 3.113 acres.

Southwest Dubois County School Corporation to the State of Indiana and Indiana Department of Transportation. Pt. Outlot 2, Huntingburg.

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