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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hamilton’s acquires Advantage Staffing

Hamilton’s Accounting and Tax Service, based in Ferdinand, has expanded services and changed their name to Solutions by Hamiltons. The company has acquired the existing client and employee contracts of Advantage Staffing, Inc., formerly located in Dale.

The business was started by Cecelia Hamilton when she realized a need for extra money to send her three kids to college. She went back to school full time, while working a full time job, and then opened the business officially in 1984.

Although Cecelia still works with the business, it is now in its second generation of operation, with daughter, Betsy Hamilton-Corley, at the helm.

“I’m so grateful to my mother and admire her strength and determination. I remember her being very busy during that time, but I also always remember her coming home to cook supper for our family every night. She always knows how to prioritize and get things done,” says Hamilton-Corley, owner of Solutions by Hamiltons.

Having served Ferdinand and surrounding areas for over 35 years with accounting and tax services, the company now has two divisions and is able to serve even more needs within the community. They will continue their Accounting and Tax services and will now add a division of Staffing and Employment solutions.

“We’re humbled and excited to serve a need that both employers and prospective employees can utilize,” Hamilton-Corley says. “We look forward to working with many more individuals in the area to find the work they want while also helping companies fill their vacant rolls and increase their productivity.”

Solutions by Hamiltons will continue to operate out of their current offices located at 530 Main Street in Ferdinand. Individuals interested in filling out an application can do so at their office, or by emailing staffing@SolutionsbyHamiltons.com.

For more information, visit www.SolutionsbyHamiltons.com or call (812) 367-1254.

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