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Monday, September 27, 2021

Oops she did it again!

Dear readers, pretty soon you are going to think faux pas is my middle name, or maybe oops (I was an oops baby after all).

This one was a biggie and I take full responsibility!

In the photo ID’s for the Luce Elementary Health Fair I accidentally wrote that 15-year-old Kailey Gibbs was the mother instead of the sister of two-year-old Kennedy Gibbs.

Their mother, Kim, called Tuesday morning to very nicely ask me to make a correction as she had been receiving calls from people saying, “I didn’t know your 15-year-old daughter was a mother.”

She’s not.

This error was totally my fault as I didn’t ask the relationship, just names. In my defense, while Kailey looked a bit young to be a mother, everyone looks young to me whether they are 15 or 40. That is, everyone except someone my age or older (as you know, old is always 15 years older than you are — that’s what I believe and by jove, I’m sticking to it!).

Just to make this absolutely clear, Kailey, age 15 and her sister, Kennedy, age two, are the daughters of Kim and Ken Gibbs.

Well, there went my halo. My wings were clipped last time I made a mistake.

But in all seriousness, I apologize for the error.

– Kathy Tretter

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