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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Photo Gallery: Forging Fun at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial 

Photos and story by Don Steen

It’s been a hot summer, but the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is still welcoming plenty of visitors to the Great Emancipator’s old Hoosier haunts. The Living Historical Farm, located just across from the site of the Lincoln Family Cabin, is filled with growing gardens and grazing livestock to help guests take a trip through history to a frontier farm. Last week, the Living Historical Farm even played host to CJ and Joe Sauer, a father-son duo dedicated to the art of blacksmithing.

You can read all about them in this week’s edition of the Spencer County Leader!

Blacksmith and longtime park visitor Joe Sauer beats iron into shape on his anvil at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial last Thursday morning. 
When getting the forge up and roaring, stoking can send flames much higher, what Joe referred to as “waking the dragon.” 

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