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Photo Gallery: Heritage Hills Boys Soccer Semi-States

Last Saturday the Heritage Hills boys soccer team faced off against the Brebeuf Jesuit Braves at Central Stadium in Evansville. Battling through a 1-1 tie for the majority of the game, two seven-minute overtime periods saw the Patriots outscored 7-6 in penalty kicks.

This season was their best in program history, coming within one win of playing for the state championship!

Photos by Sierra Bruggeman 

The Patriots stand during the national anthem before the start of the semi-state game.
Patriots gather before the start of the semi-state soccer game.
#11, Jose Lara goes in to kick the ball down the field.
#13, Austin Hill stumbles to gain his balance during a play.
#25, Derek Fortune attempts to get possession of the ball.
#2, Oscar Lara goes in for a kick.
#22, Charlie Brentlinger kicks the ball.
#28, Brody Ficker moves the ball down the field.
#16, Gabe Staggs goes in to kick the ball towards the goal.
#25, Derek Fortune deftly maneuvers to kick the ball down the field.
Fans show their enthusiasm after the Patriots scored a goal in their playoff.
#10, Ethan Hill shows excitement after the Patriots scored a point, tying up the game!
Goalie, #1 Aiden Harris dives to stop the ball.
#28, Brody Ficker jumps in attempt to bring the ball into the Patriots’ possession.
Patriot fans gather at the fence to cheer on their Patriots. 
Patriots embrace after a penalty kick is made in their favor at the end of the semi-state matchup.
Patriot soccer players await the penalty kicks which would then determine the fate of the rest of their 2021 soccer season.
Patriot soccer players gather after their semi-state game against Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory.

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