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Real Estate Transfers – February 24, 2020

Jennifer Gelarden, Daniel Payne and Brenda Coy to Emily Bruggenschmidt. Lot 30, L.G. Smith Add.

Lutisha Ann McClure (custodian), Blake Alan McClure, and Holly Grace McClure to Jeremy K. and Amanda K. Shulaw. NW s36, t5s, r6w, 50.364 acres.

Sullivan Farm, LLC to Timothy R. and Michael L. Sigler. Pt. NW NE s23, t6s, r6w, 7.417 acres, Chrisney.

Gregory J. and Leah Deller to Deller Properties II, LLC. Lots 48 and 49, Chrisney Orig., Chrisney.

Gregory L .and Leah Deller to Deller Properties, LLC. Lots 55, 56, 57 and 54, Chrisney Orig., Chrisney.

Norma Jean Porter to Norma Jean Porter, Bradley Tod Porter and Nicole Tod Weisman. W 1/2 SW s33, t4s, r4w, 64 acres; SW NW s33, t4s, r4w, 40 acres.

Aimee Young to William A. Selzer. Pt. SW Se s36, t7s, r7w, 5.35 acres, Rockport.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Rony Pfingston. Pt. Lots 117 and 117, John Carter 1st Add., Richland; Pt. SW SW s35, t6s, r7w.

Robert G. Kreisle to Robert G. Kreisle. SE NE s7, t8s, r6w, 0.75 acre, Rockport. 

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