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Real Estate Transfers – January 6, 2020

Summer D. Howard to Joshua D. Adams. Lot 41, Pleasant Grove Subdivision.

Eva G. Cummings and Gary K. Cummings (deceased) to Abby R. and Gregory G. Haight. Lot 62, Polar Shores 9th Addition, Santa Claus.

Stephen R. and Pamela A. Sisley to Waylon J. Sisley. N 1/2 NE, s16, t6s, r5w, 3.190 acres, Grandview.

Mark Allen and Melissa Danielle Ling to Crystal and Xyan Adkisson. Lot 8, Sunrise Estates, Rockport.

Wayne E. Reid, II to James M. Boyd. SE SW, s2, t8s, r7w, 40 acres; SE SE, s2, t8s, r7w, 40 acres; NW SW, s1, t8s, r7w, 17 acres; NE SE, s2, t8s, r7w, 17.5 acres; NW SE, s2, t8s, r7w, 40 acres; s11, t8s, r7w, 9 acres; s11, t8s, r7w, 2.25 acres.

Richard J and Shawnda Bickel to Derek Taylor, Joni Taylor, and Rickie Monk. Lot 97, John Carter 2nd Addition.

Daniel W. and Luanne Williams to Tyler and Heather Osborne. NE, s13, t6, r5, three acres, Evanston.

Benjamin Klem and Meagan Basham to Jeffrey L. Etienne and Marie C. Sandage. SW, s4, t6s, r4w; SE s5, t6s, r4w, 11.85 acres in all, Evanston.

Jeremy S. Bowman to Thomas E. Barrett, Jr. SW SW, s17, t6, r4, 19.97 acres after 2.53 acre exemption, Grandview.

Joshua Adelman to Frank F. and Donna F. Ingram. Lot 34, Reo Heights Subdivision, Rockport.

Ditech Financial, LLC to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, an Officer of the United States of America. NW SW, s17, t7, r7, Richland.

Fern A. Oskins to Ian C. and Adrienne N. Rudolph. SE SE, s3, t5, r6, 1/12 interest in 80 acres; SW SE, s3, t5, r6, 1/12 interest in 80 acres; NW SE SW, s3, t5, r6, 1/12 interest in 11.50 acres; NE SE SW, s3, t5, r6, 1/12 interest 11.50 acres; SE SW, s3, t5, r6, 1/12 interest in 28.50 acres; NW NE, s10, t5, r6, 1/12 interest in 40 acres.

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