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Real Estate Transfers – June 29, 2020

Lauren Rosalee Koch Crosby and Charles Michael Crosby, Jr. to Charles Michael Jr. and Lauren Rosalee Crosby. Lots 122, 123 and 130 and Pt. Lots 124 and 131B, Polar Shores 9th Add., Santa Claus.

Guadalupe Mejia Mendoza to Delfino Lopez Sandoval and Guadalupe M. Mendoza. Pt. Lot 6, Medcalf & Woods, Dale.

Robert L. Naas to Eric and Tonya Goepfrich. Lot 168, Evergreen 10th, Santa Claus.

Bruce E. Cissna to John S. and Traci A. Porter. Lot 40, Santa Fairway 8th Sub., Santa Claus.

Robert L. and Dennis D. Duke to Delfino Lopez Sandoval and Guadalupe M. Mendoza. Lots 3 and 4, Medcalf & Woods, Dale.

Jason D. and Sarah E. Barnett to Stephanie L. Tempel. Lot 160, January 1st Sub., Santa Claus.

Edward Allen Wolsing to Ruger’s Rentals, LLC. Lot 23, Cedar Crest, Santa Claus; NE NE s2, t5s, r5w, 0.28 acre; SE NE s2, t5s, r5w, 0.28 acre; NE NE s2, t5s, r5w; SE NE s2, t5s, r5w.

Rhonda J. Garrett to Stacy M. Gaskin. Pt. SE s27, t7s, r6w; Pt. SE s27, t7s, r6w, Rockport.

James Kevin and Freda M. Jaquess to Laurance Garett and Amy Bell. Lot 37, Country Ridge, Rockport.

John M. and Sherry A. Hagman to Conrad James Schaefer and Macedonia Alexis Parks. Lot 96 and W 1/2 Lot 95, Town of St. Meinrad.

Donald S. and Donna J. Russell to Michael and Heather Satterfield. Pt. Lot 121, Carol Hills 3rd Sub., 0.025 acre, Santa Claus.

William A. and Kelly Lynn Bryant to Joeseph L. and Alicia Rae Rappe. No legals.

Trenton David and Madeline Marie Nelson to Tristan A. Zellers. No legals.

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