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Real Estate Transfers – March 4, 2020

John Beadles to Blake A. Oster and Mikaela P. Blume. Pt. SW NW s3, t3s, r5w.

Tim A. and Janet L. Klem to Robin Small. Lot 13, Golden Acres Estates.

Kimberly A. Oster to the LSF9 Master Participation Trust. Pt. Outlot 19, Hunitngburg.

Karen L. Nordhoff to John W. Beadles and Maureen E. Obrien Beadles. Pt. SW SW s3, t3s, r5w; Pt. SW SW s3, t3s, r5w, 0.159 acre.

Justin D. and Jayde K. Eaton to Nicholas Allen Fleck. Lot 7, Flick and Schneiders Sub.

Lloyd V. and Barbara M. Gudorf to Audrey M. Schitter. S 1/2 s20, t1s, r5w.

Kathleen J. Bockting to Jennifer J. Kramer and George Ryan Bockting. E 1/2 NW s32, t2s, r5w, 25.54 acres.

Joseph D. Phillips, by his power of attorney Georgianne L. Phillips, to Georgianne L. Phillips. Lot 34, Northwood Sub. Part I.

Raymond A. Verkamp to Jeffrey and Lindsay Allen Verkamp. Pt. SW SE s7, t2s, r3w, 19.6 acres; Pt. NE NW s7, t2s, r3w, 8 acres; Pt. NW NE s7, t2s, r3w, two acres; SW SE s6, t2s, r3w, 3.75 acres; Pt. NW SE s7, t2s, r3w, 32.3 acres; Pt. SE SW s6, t2s, r3w, 2.50 acres; SE s7, t2s, r3w, 77 acres; NW SW s8, t2s, r3w, 40 acres.

Vivian D. Flynn, by Richard W. Flynn Jr. and Jane A. Schipp (power of attorney), to Joseph A. and Debra L. Sander. Lot 22, Mission Valley Manor.

Thomas Kleinhelter, as Sheriff of Dubois County, and Lacey M. Riehle to Capital Mortgage Services of Texas, d/b/a Siwell, Inc. Pt. Lots 44 and 45, William Heitman Add., Holland.

Hope and Joshua Balt, as personal representatives of the Estate of Gilbert R. Tredway, to Craig A. and Janel R. R. Knies. Pt. NW s3, t2s, r4w, 5.0 acres, Jasper.

Alejandro M. Silva Betancourt and Isabel T. Batista Del Rio to Rosalina Ornelas. Lot 126, Mill Creek Park III, Jasper.

Jagoe Homes, Inc .to Mackenzie Lynn Burke. Lot 2, Hunters Crossing Section 1, Huntingburg.

Ronald L. Schwartz to Christina J. Cruz. E 1/2 Lots 36 and 37 and W 1/2 Lots 36 and 37, Inmans Add.

Patoka Overlook, LLC to Kevin M. and Ann K. Barton. S 1/2 s1, t2s, r3w, 1.054 acre; S 1/2 s1, t2s, r3w, 0.14 acre; S 1/2 s1, t2s, r3w, 1.35 acre.

Robert D. and Sandra A. Ahlemeier to MWS Properties, LLC. Pt. Lots 16 and 17, Huntingburg.

Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer to Bailey Hoover. Lots 2 and 3, Woodland Hills Sub.

Betty Jean Garcia Harris to Betty Jean and Eugene Donald Harris, II. Pt. SW NW s36, t1s, r5w, 1.26 acre.

Laura A. Bieker to Theodore William Bieker IV and T.J. Bieker. Pt. SE SE s28, t3s, r4w, 0.37 acre; Pt. NE NE s33, t3s, r4w, 0.20 acre.

Irma A. Borman (deceased) to Danny R. Borman. Survivorship affidavit. Pt. SW SE s18, t3s, r4w, 0.177 acre; Pt. SW SE s18, t3s, r4w, 0.65 acre.

Randall P. Petry and Randall P. and Mila A. Petry. Lots 13, 14, 2, 3 and 4, Petry’s First Add., Jasper.

Janet R. Kluemper to Michael Lee Kluemper. Pt. NE NE s1, t3s, r4w, 21.322 acres.

Scott J. and Stephanie A. Buening to Walter C. Sutt, Jr. Pt. NW NW s24, t3s, r6w, 0.55 acre, Holland.

Jason Gabriel and Taylor Rose Brondos to SPM Development, Inc. Lot 2, Terry Hoffman’s First Add., Jasper.

James J. Kluesner to Kirsten F. Maffenbeier and Lindsie N. Ring. Pt. NE SE s26, t1n, r4w, 1.68 acre.

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