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Save the Date: Ohio River Sweep 2020

The annual Ohio River Sweep has been scheduled for Saturday, June 20. The Ohio River Sweep is a volunteer, riverbank cleanup that extends the entire length of the Ohio River. Volunteers from the six states which border the Ohio River will remove litter at over 100 locations.

“The volunteers for the Ohio River Sweep are helping a global problem on a local level! Without the Ohio River Sweep volunteers, tons of litter from the Ohio River would eventually reach the ocean,” said Lisa Cochran, Program Manager. 

Volunteers are needed for this massive event. Locations will be posted in early spring. People who want to volunteer for this event can visit the website OhioRiverSweep.org for more details. 

The Ohio River Sweep is managed by the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) and other environmental agencies from Pennsylvania to Illinois. Funding for the Ohio River Sweep relies solely on sponsorship from industries or grants from organizations throughout the Ohio River Valley.

For further information about the Ohio River Sweep, contact Lisa Cochran at 1-513-231-7719, ext 102 or visit OhioRiverSweep.org. 

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