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Spencer County Council: 2020 County budgets adopted

by Michael Cummings

A low-key meeting of the Spencer Council kicked off with a budget adoption hearing on October 15 in Rockport.

A summary of the adopted budget amounts is as follows: General Fund – $7,923,904; Reassessment – $260,310; Highway – $4,404,978; Local Road and Street – $375,000; Cum Bridge – $550,000; Health – $287,015; Cum Cap Development – $318,747; and Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) – $3,000,000.

All of that combines to equal a projected tax rate of $0.6829/$100 of assessed value. This is up about 1% over last year, when the rate was $0.6766/$100 of assessed value.

The Council also:

• Approved budgets for Solid Waste Management District in the amount of $954,198.30 and for Carter Fire District for $150,000. 

• Approved additional appropriations of $5,000 to the Statewide 911 fund for overtime pay and $6,063 for the Fire Arms Training fund for bulletproof vests. 

• Made the following transfers: $6,311 of Sheriff funds from the Computer IT Contract fund to Capital Outlay: Equipment Fund; $2,000 of Sheriff funds from Maintenance Supervisor to Janitorial/Paper Product; and $2,000 of Commissioner funds from Cleaning Service to Janitor Supplies.

The next meeting of the Spencer County Council will be held November 19 at the courthouse in Rockport.

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