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Spencer County Court News – March 1, 2021

Traffic (New)

Driving While Suspended / Speeding: Shae NW Gammon.

Speeding: John D. Taylor; Dennis A. Schraeder, Jr.; Jeffrey M. Crabtree; Gerald W. Schroeder; Karen W. Gibson; Samuel P. Hubert; Ross L. Clark; Ethan C. Boarman; Norman D. Cox; Denise M. Jarboe; Kenneth G. Weyer; Shon J. Allsop; Gregory W. Begley; Skyler L. Golden; Lyndsay R. Deal; Lindsey A. Grayson; Kelly R. Moore; Claude Mugisha; Ryan W. Hodges.

No Valid Driver’s License: Taylor D. Cox.

Operating With Expired Plates: Adam W. Renfrow.

Speeding / Operating With Expired Plates: Darrell A. Waters.

Civil (New)

Midland Credit Management, Inc. vs Kendra Wike, civil collection.

Discover Bank c/o Discover Products, Inc. vs the following: Brent McCollom; William Spencer, civil collection.

Citizens Bank, N.A. vs Kristen Baughn, civil collection.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs the following: Brenda Clark; Sara Augustyniak, civil collection.

Melissa Dougan vs Kerry Dougan, domestic relations.

Mikeal Payne, Jr. vs Jennifer Payne, domestic relations.

Booker Vaughn III vs Norma Vaughn, domestic relations.

Fifth Third Bank, N.A. vs Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Elizabeth L. Smith, State of Indiana, mortgage foreclosure.

Ross Thrasher vs State of Indiana, miscellaneous civil. 

Criminal Misdemeanors (New)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Clayton A. Lanham, carrying a handgun without a license, possession of marijuana.

Christopher D. Orth, possession of a device or substance used to interfere with a drug or alcohol screening. 

Shelby Lynn Hurst, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person; operating a vehicle with an ACE of 0.15 or more; possession of marijuana; operating a vehicle while intoxicated; possession of paraphernalia; minor consuming alcohol.

Katelyn A. Clements, driving while suspended.

Danielle R. Brandon, driving while suspended.

Keiley G. Wilkinson, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, dealing in marijuana.

Frances D. Hudson, driving while suspended.

Darien Robinson, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Carrie S. Duncan, leaving the scene of an accident.

Colton L. Moseley, theft, conversion.

Jarod J. Hayse, driving while suspended, reckless driving.

Taylor R. Pederson, operating a vehicle while intoxicated; operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person; operating a vehicle with an ACE of at least 0.08 but less than 0.15.

Criminal (New)

State of Indiana vs the following:

Joshua S. Williams, escape.

Shawn M. Hammers, Jr., possession of methamphetamine; operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person; operating a vehicle with a schedule I or II controlled substance or its metabolite in the body; operating a vehicle while intoxicated; possession of marijuana; possession of paraphernalia; reckless driving.

Jeremiah J. Heller, resisting law enforcement; criminal recklessness; reckless driving; operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license.

Kathy Zornes, possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance- controlled substances, possession of paraphernalia.

Devonte J. Chatman, intimidation, invasion of privacy.

Steven R. Ramsey, domestic battery on a person less than 14 years old.

Probate (New)

In Re: the Estate of Dorothy Jean Harris.

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