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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Spencer County Fair a go!

by Kathy Tretter

It would appear from the list of cancellations that life itself as we know it has been canceled, or at least detained. Nothing seems to be as it was for the summer of 2020 and this spring has certainly been different than any spring in most people’s lifetime.

So it is with great enthusiasm the Leader can announce that the Spencer County Fair — Indiana’s longest running fair — will take place this year, just not at the same time as in the past.

Actually, that is not an accurate statement.

When the Spencer County Fair began 167 years ago, it was held in autumn so everyone could show off their most impressive crops. In the early years the fair was as much a market and a showcase, and a way to earn premiums, say 10¢ for the most magnificent turnip.

The actual date was weather dependent, September if farmers could get their crops in the ground early but a wet spring would push the festivities back to October.

So it was with great enthusiasm that long-time Spencer County Fair Chairman Chris Middleton announced the Spencer County Fair will be held October 14-17.

Middleton had been devastated when the Fair in May had to be canceled (and everyone knows why). “We lost March, April and May fundraising and then no event,” she explained.

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