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Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – September 27, 2021

Maurice L. Rhoden to Jean S. Knox. Lot 59, Holly Shores 11th Add., Santa Claus.

One Crude, LLC, Joe Shadrick White, Travis Dean White, Clint Mac White, Carol L. Wallace, Steven D. Hall and Mary Bridget White Shepard (trustees in common) to the Karen Kay Riegle Revocable Trust, Karen Kay Riegle (trustee). Pt. NE s3, t8s, r6w, 79.82 acres; Pt. NE s3, t8s, r6w, 84.02 acres; SE NW s3, t8s, r6w, 40 acres.

One Crude, LLC, Joe Shadrick White, Mary Bridget White Shepard, Travis Dean White, Carol L. Wallace and Steven D. Hall to the Karen Kay Riegle Revocable Trust, Karen Kay Riegle (trustee). Pt. SW SE s34, t7s, r6w, 13 acres.

L&N Construction, LLC to Ryan L. and Jessica N. Bell. Pt. s26, t7s, r6w, 0.594 acre, Town of Rockport.

Mackenzie M. Bender to Brian Majors. Pt. s26, t7s, r6w, 0.25 acre, Rockport.

Travis C. and Jennifer L. Newton to Gregory L. Scott and Tiffany Weeks. Pt. NW s4, t8s, r6w, 10.101 acres.

Brian A. Gettelfinger, Louis A. Gettelfinger, Randy Sherrod, Catherine V. Sherrod, and the Brian A. Gettelfinger Revocable Trust to Richard R. and Susan M. Teaford. Lot 177, Evergreen 10th.

Sand Ridge Property Management, LLC to Sidney D. Jr. and Alyson Layne Meece. Pt. NW s23, t7s, r7w, 7.352 acres.

Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery Association, Inc. to John W. and Cynthia M. Nesmith. SW SW s4, t7s, r7w.

Brian J. Griese to Chris Weatherholt. Lot 229, Holly Shores 5th Sub., Santa Claus.

Linda J. Gray to Andy and Sara Sommer. NE SW s25, t5s, r4w; Pt. SW SW s25, t5s, r4w; Pt. SE SW s25, t5s, r4w; Pt. SW SW s25, t5s, r4w.

Farrah L. Phillips Adams to Jacob Todd and Megan Morris. Lot 7, Green Acres Sub., Richland; Pt. SE SW s17, t7s, r7w, 0.366 acre.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc. to Mark A. and Seeona L. Newton. Lot 72, Holly Shores 11th Add.

Joy A. Wann to Jeremy C. Wann. Pt. SW NW s1, t5s, r6w, 2.883 acres, Gentryville.

Jeremy C. Wann to Robin and Johnny D. Miller, Sr. Pt. SW NW s1, t5s, r6w, 2.883 acres, Gentryville.

Jeannine Johnson to Gustavo M. Lopez. Lots 33 and B and Pt. Lots 32 and A, Wrights & Griffins Don.; Pt. s23, t7s, r6w.

Wanda G. Willhite to Samuel S. Huggler. W 1/2 SW s18, t7s, r7w, 5.810 acres.

Opal M. Johnson to Jesusa Powel. Pt. Lot 44, Wrights & Griffins Don.

Robert P. Musgrave, trustee of and for Sara E. Bittel, to Mattison L. Bartlett. E 1/2 and W 1/2 Lot 4, Williamsons Add., Rockport.

Gwendolyn S. Crum to Joseph B. Winkler. Lots 63 and 56, Lincoln Hills Ranchetts (Unit 3), Rockport.

Brenda K. Bailey to Alyson R. Ficker. N 1/2 OL 84, Mosleys & Griffins Don., Rockport; Pt. SE s22, t7s, r6w, 0.25 acre.

Seth M. and Angela Yates to Darla A. Quillen and Richard L. Wiley. Lot 130, Holly Shores 5th Sub. 

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