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Spencer County Real Estate Transfers – September 19, 2022

Diendei, LLC to Mardochee Monestime and Jahaana Chappelle. Lot 88, Reindeer 7th Sub.

Mary Martha Hurm to Hurm Acres, LLC. N 1/2 SW s10, t7s, r6w, 68.40 acres; Pt. SW NW s10, t7s, r6w, 2.13 acres; E 1/2 NW s10, t7s, r6w, 80 acres; N 3/4 NE s10, t7s, r6w, 115 acres, Rockport.

Mary M. Hurm to Hurm Acres, LLC. Pt. SW NW s15, t7s, r6w, 2 5/8 acre; NW corner s15, t7s, r6w, 4.30 acres; NE s16, t7s, r6w, 78.5 acres, Rockport.

Mary Martha Hurm to Hurm Acres, LLC. SE NW s14, t6s, r6w; NW NW s14, t6s, r6w, 40 acres; SW NE s14, t6s, r6w, 77 acres; W 1/2 NE NW s14, t6s, r6w, 20 acres; E 1/2 NE NW s14, t6s, r6w, 20 acres.

Mary Martha Hurm to Hurm Acres, LLC. E 1/2 SW s29, t6s, r5w, 72.561 acres.

Kelli Jayne Burris (undivided 1/3 interest) to Kirk Seddon (undivided 1/3 interest). Pt. s29, t32, r8s, 100 acres; SE corner s29, t8s, r6w, 88 acres.

Ron Smith to Zachary F. and Katrina Watts. Lots 26 and 27, Lake Realty Co. Add.

Debra J. Bryant, a/k/a Deborah J. Bryant, to Lydia Onstott and Benjamin Nanney. Pt. SW s30, t7s, r6w, 1.97 acre.

The Estate of Isabel M. Gessner, by David L. Gessner and Ruth A. Koenig (personal representatives), to Kari L. and Brad L. Schaefer. Pt. SW SW s13, t4s, r5w, one acre.

The Estate of Betty L. Roos, by Michael E. Roos (personal representative), to Indiana Postal Realty Holdings, LLC. Lot 10, William R. Hynes Don., Rockport.

David J. and Tammie L. Brandmeyer to Matthew Gosnell. Lot 235, January Holiday Village Sub., Santa Claus.

Douglas Risse and Dakota Risse to William Goodwin. Lot 43, N 1/2 Lot 40 and Pt. Lot 42, Samuel D. Hammond Add.

Kevin L. and Patricia D. Copeland to Jessica D. Boeckman. Lot 166, January Holiday Village Sub.

Christopher R. and Lisa G. Hagan to Ashley and Austin Hagan. Pt. SW NW s12, t6s, r6w, Chrisney.

Timothy K. and Jill S. Kaetzel to Hassfurther Farms, Inc. SE SW s31, t4s, r4w, 37.68 acres; SW s31, t4s, r4w, 38.47 acres.

Dallas C. and Marjilee M. Flener to RVK Limited Partnership. Pt. SW s18, t7s, r6w, 13.59 acres; NW SW s18, t7s, r6w, 34.59 acres (excepting 1.75 acre and 4.41 acres), Rockport.

Cynthia R. and Robert L. Koch, II to Ron Smith. Lots 75 and 76, Walnut Place.

Ryan Widmer to Daniel R. Scott, Jr. Pt. SW NW s19, t6s, r4w, 6.500 acres.

ATEEM Construction, LLC to Erik J. Smallwood. Lot 12, Williams Add., Rockport.

All American Asset Management, LLC to Anthony L. and Colleen Pisano. Lot 25, Lincoln Hills Ranchetts (Unit 2).

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