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Branchville Correctional Facility Custody Officer honored for saving a life

BRANCHVILLE — In a fitting tribute to the Thanksgiving holiday, last week Warden Kathy Alvey and Branchville Correctional Facility Fire Department Chief Jimmy Vincent presented Custody Officer Kyle McGann with a certificate for bravery, and a commissioner’s coin, for his life saving actions on the evening of October 29, 2020.

While visiting with his daughter that October evening, Ofc. McGann and his daughter both heard the sound of a smoke detector coming from an adjacent apartment. After repeated efforts to get a response from anyone in the apartment, McGann, along with a Jasper police officer, forced entry into the apartment. Once inside McGann located an adult male unresponsive lying on a sofa. Working together, McGann and the Jasper police officer were able to remove the unconscious man from the apartment. They also evacuated residents from adjacent apartments as the fire department responded to the scene. 

Ofc. McGann began his career with the Indiana Department of Correction in August of 2019 as a custody officer at the Branchville Correctional Facility. In addition to his custody officer duties McGann volunteered to serve with the Branchville Correctional Facility Fire Department (BCFFD), of which he has been a member since completing his fire service training in June of 2020.

Reflecting back on the events of October 29, Ofc. McGann told Fire Chief Vincent, “I didn’t think twice; I relied on the training from earlier this year where we simulated smoke to practice search and rescue procedures for downed firefighters and citizens.”

The BCFFD is comprised of custody officers and administrative staff who work at the Branchville Correctional Facility. Having trained firefighting personnel who work at the correctional facility contributes to the overall safety of staff members and the incarcerated men. The facility fire department is also an asset to nearby communities and is able to provide mutual firefighting and rescue assistance if and when needed.


Custody Officer Kyle McGann by the BCFFD fire truck after being presented his certificate

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