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Dale News Dec. 5 1975: David Turnham Exceptional Children Classes Enjoy Swimming

Second year students in the exceptional christen class of Barbara Wilkerson and Debbie Kasten at the David Turnham Educational Center in Dale open each school day with opening day exercises. Each day the children focus in on a “moment in history” of the United States during the past 200 years. The exercise usually culminates with some form of respect for the flag. Those pictured from left: Mark Rickelman, Randy Otto, Todd Wahl, Jackie Nix, Paula Luebbehusen, John Becher, Susan Wahl, Yvonne Lehr, Mellody Stephenson and Brian Gries.
Exceptional children of the David Turnham school had the opportunity recently to swim in the pool at Heritage Hills High School. Each child was assisted by a certified student, parent or teacher. The experience was possible by the cooperative efforts of the staff of the two schools.

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