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Dale News Nov. 23, 1973: Patriots Will Open Basketball Season Friday

HERITAGE HILLS PATRIOTS 1973-74– Kneeling form left: Rick Jones, manager, Dan Flamion, Steve Sisley, Gary Graman, Dave Detzer, Tim Nord and Howard Ellis, manager.
Back row: Head coach Jim Lifke, Duane Johnson, manager Dan Fischer. Tim Sigler, Charlie Rice, Darrel Green, Stan Neighbors, Steve Winkler, Dave Hemmer, manager, and assistant coach, Steve Merkel.

Coach Jim Lifke and his Heritage Hills Patriots. Will launch the 1972-74 basketball season Friday night when they host the Castle Knights. Sporting a brand new coach and a brand new gym, the Pats will also be sporting a partially-new line-up.

Returning from last year’s starters are Darrel Green 6-2 1/2, Dave Detzer 6-1, and Tim Sigler 6-2 and all three are seniors. Two other seniors are listed on the Pats roster; Gary Graman 5-8 and Steve Sisley 5-9. Four juniors Dan Fischer 6-1, Dan Flamion 5-8, Stan Neighbors 6-2 and Steve Winkler 6-2. One freshman, 6-5 Charles Rice, rounds out the varsity roster.

Gone the graduation route are Ken Guth, Roger Southwood, Chigger Hile, Larry Wilmes, Kirk Hudson, Lyle Schaus.

Castle’s Knights have all of their lettermen back form last year! Seniors David Knight 6-5, Tim Foley 5-10, John Pupferschmid 6-2, John Miller 6-3, Joe Birkenfel 6-0, Steve Williams 6-1; juniors Marty Ellison 5-11, Lloyd Jones 6-2, all have returned.

Backing the letterman are Eric Johnson 6-4, John Reinbrecht 6-3 and Chris Titzer 6-2.

Last season’s opener went to Castle 57-54, but in the section al the Pats turned the tables with a 64-58 win.

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